Publishing Consultancy Work and Testimonials

I seem to have acquired many hats along the road. Apparently the kids today have a name for that - "slasher".

I'm the author of several successful cookbooks and was, until a couple of years ago, the publisher of many, many more by some truly inspirational chefs, cooks and food writers or purveyors.   I still guide the odd chef along a bookish path from time to time...

When I began my work as a private and freelance chef around 25 years ago I never imagined that my career would travel the road that it did.  A whole new world opened up as I moved into roles such as Food & Travel writer, Book Publisher and now Publishing Consultant.

I currently split my time between Kyoto and Sydney. When I'm not guiding engaged foodie travellers through beautiful Kyoto on my Zenbu Tours I'm writing (and taking snaps for) my own books, helping others to write theirs and also consulting to authors and publishing houses both in person and online via email or Skype - don't you love technology? (when it behaves...)

If you are an (potential or existing) author or publisher seeking assistance, analysis or development of concepts, proposals or title structures  - or after general publishing advise then please contact me on for information on my fee structure.


'I have been fortunate enough to work with Jane Lawson on three of my cookbooks, as a publisher and friend she has guided me through the whole creative process making it a joy to be an author.'
Luke Nguyen
Chef/ Restaurateur - Red Lantern, TV personality, Author

'Jane Lawson has been an incredible source of advice and support throughout the sometimes difficult process of writing a book. It was Jane who signed me up and without her help my book may never have been published.'  
Ben Shewry
Chef/Restaurateur - Attica Restaurant
Author  - Origin 

'Jane was the one who initiated The Bentley cookbook. I found her to be supportive and straightforward throughout the whole process. She has excellent communication skills with a solid understanding of the vision I had for the book which was greatly appreciated'  
Brent Savage
Chef - Bentley Restaurant and Bar, Author

"Three words spring to mind when I think of Jane...'inspiration', 'inspiration', 'inspiration'. Her head brims with original ideas and concepts, and she's proven time and again she has the energy, determination and cleverness to see them through. She's brilliant at what she does, and brilliant to work with. I can think of no better collaborator."

Leanne Kitchen
Food and Travel writer, Author 

"Jane Lawson Rocks…"
Pete Evans
Chef/ Restaurateur -  TV personality and Author 

“As a film and television content producer, I found Jane’s expertise in the food sector an invaluable resource which regularly informs my creative decisions in regards to food programming.” 
Matteo Bruno
Producer - Vallarc Films

'Jane Lawson is one of the most thorough and dedicated food authors I've ever met. Not only is she delightful to work with, but her knowledge of the food world is profound and the respect from her peers is evident. Her books are filled with personality, warmth and recipes that are a joy to cook!'

Tony Tan
Cultural creative consultant to the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival, Food Historian, Proprietor of Tony Tan Cooking School 

'Hi Jane,
We first met you when we were pitching our now-published book "Monday Morning Cooking Club - the food, the stories, the sisterhood" to the various publishers in Australia. From the first phone call, you were a pleasure to deal with. You probably don't realise it but you were actually an inspirational stepping stone on our journey. Your words of encouragement and confidence in our project helped keep us on track to find the right way to get published. Your constructive comments meant a lot to us, particularly as we had all admired the many beautiful cookbooks you had created.
It has been a pleasure getting to know you a little, and I do hope our personal and professional paths can cross again.

Lisa Goldberg
Co-creator of the Monday Morning Cooking Club and Author

'The great thing about working with Jane is that she has both sides of the coin completely covered - she's impressively organised and across all the millions of details that make up a book and she also understands the whole inspiration and intuitive/creative side of the process. So it's a complete win-win. She's also a whole lot of fun to  work with and I'd jump at any chance to do it again.'
Michael Harden
Freelance writer and Author

"My experience with Jane has been one of professional admiration, I enjoy her passion for the written word and for all things food and all of it's delicious facets. I have enjoyed working alongside her on my own projects and when I have the pleasure of reading her own work I have feelings of  inspiration which is quickly followed up with "yeah man, Jane rocks!"
Jared Ingersoll
Chef/Restaurateur - Dank St Depot and Cotton Duck, Author

'Jane Lawson was instrumental in the publishing success of my book “ Byron cooking and eating”. To suggest she is a major publishing talent would be to engage in understatement. I am currently seeking her expertise for my second tome.'

Steven Snow
Chef/Restaurateur - Fins Restaurant, TV personality, Author

'Jane is one of the few people I know that can read through your heart, can understand the meaning of each word that an author had in his mind at that right moment of time. It is rare to find someone who can take you side by side in each stage of a book... from the first scribbles to the final work of art. It is also the support, the friendly words, the way she can travel with you in each chapter of your imagination.Light of Lucia has certainly carried the light that Jane reflects in her outstanding work.
Luciana Sampogna
Owner of Cucina Italiana Cooking School, Author

"I'll be honest that I never really wanted to write a cookbook, but then Jane, using her words of wisdom, ushered out of me what I really would love to see in a cookbook thus leading to my first which i'm so proud of and all thanks to Jane's fine words"

Matt Wilkinson
Chef/Owner Pope Joan
Author of Mr Wilkinson's Favourite Vegetables

"Jane Lawson was instrumental in the production of my book "Sweet Studio", without Jane the book may never have come to fruition and as a result of her expertise it is better than expected. Thank you Jane xx"

Darren Purchese, 
Chef/Owner Burch and Purchese Sweet Studio
Author to be...

“We have been very lucky in the past couple of years for Langham Melbourne MasterClass to include Jane as both a presenter and a moderator.  Jane is wonderfully knowledgeable and articulate on all things ‘food’ and is always bursting with energy and verve.  We love having her part of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival.”

Sharlee Gibb
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival



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