Kyoto Cuisine & Culture Tours in the MEDIA

A few mentions from some lovely food and travel media about my Kyoto Cuisine and Culture Tours
  Arigatou Gozaimasu. 

(Travel Section in the Telegraph, Herald Sun and Courier Mail )
October 2014
Include my Zenbu Tours in their TOP FOOD TOURS FOR 2015! Woo hoo!

October 2014
Luxury Travel Magazine say 'DO THIS' referring to my Zenbu Nigeru Tour!

JNTO (Japan National Tourist Organisation)
September 2014

Now and Zen
August 2014
Australian Gourmet Traveller Magazine
By Pat Nourse

"Join Australian author and part-time Japan resident Jane Lawson on one of her Zenbu tours of the land of the rising sun for a food forward adventure with a difference. Bookings are now open for Kyoto winter cuisine and culture tours."

July 2014
JNTO gave my tours a huge thumbs up by kindly adding all three new tours to their website :

Zenbu Nigeru  (Xmas/NY escape)
Zenbu Ryori (hardcore foodies)
Zenbu Zen (ladies only)

Luscious Capetown Blog
May 2014
Sonia Cabano

"Jane Lawson is an Australian chef, publisher, cookbook author and superlative blogger; an indomitable traveller, most frequently to Kyoto and Japan where she conducts culinary tours and a most accessible person on social media. And her recipes work, believe me.

Find the Full Story Here

January 2014
Featured in the Face of Travel section

Luke Ngyuen leads celebrity chefs taking world food tours in 2014
October 201
Daily Telegraph Travel - Escape
by Grant Jones

" 'Kampai' is one of the first words you shoul learn before heading off on this culinary tour of Kyoto. It is the Japanese equivalent of 'cheers' and tour guide Jane Lawson, author of Zenbu Zen, the story of finding life balance and the restorative power of Japanese cooking, is committed to your leaving the journey filled with it."

"Jane, a former publisher whose books included Peter Gilmore's Quay and Luke Nguyen's Songs of Sapa, provides an intimate look at the traditional and modern world of Kyoto from food markets adn the extraordinary food halls of the finest department stores, to restaurants immersed in the authentic ways of the past and contemporary Kaiseki dinners cooked by hot young chefs. The Journey is not just about eating but includes a look at galleries, temples, shrines, gardens and local craft stalls in Arashiyama, Higashiyama and Ninenzaka."

Here's the LINK to the full story

Imperial City 
August 2013
Delicious Magazine
At the end of a story I wrote for them on 'Winter in Kyoto' and why I love it so they kindly added this:

"Jane Lawson will be taking two unique and intimate winter tours to Kyoto, Japan in early 2014"
                                 * I did, and I'm doing it all again early 2015!

Here's the LINK to the story

Zenbu Tours
September 2013
SBS FEAST Magazine

"Discover Kyoto's Culinary scene with Japanese culture expert Jane Lawson. The author of Zenbu Zen will be leading a food-filled expedition through the city's restaurants, food markets and produce halls, scheduled for January 2014"
*and now of course Dec '15 and Jan-Feb 2015

September 2013

"Jane Lawson, author of Zenbu Zen and Yoshoku is our resident Japanophile. If you are interested in Japanese food and culture make sure you check out Jane's incredible gourmet tours to Japan. Her Inaugural Kyoto Winter Tours sold out in just two weeks!

And On Twitter ...

August 21 2014
Stephanie Wood - Feature writer for the Sydney Morning Herald including Good Weekend Magazine.

"Now this is a #foodtour I'd love to do #Japan #Kyoto"

August 5, 2014
Lara and Terence from Gran Tourismo

"Enticing eating escapes"

July 22, 2014
Sally Lynch, Tastetrekker

"If you haven't been to Kyoto... you must... And if its a fun food loving chaperone you are after Jane is your golden gal"

If you're curious about what my tour participants had to say then please go to my TESTIMONIALS PAGE

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