Friday, November 26, 2010

Jessi is a friend...


As it happens she's also an Alaskan and part of my extended "family".  She married into Australian life and, like most transplanted souls,  preserves the traditions of her heritage by observing certain occasions - celebratory or otherwise.  While Thanksgiving is not part of Australian culture I am always rather chuffed to score an invite to the Turkey Fest - not only because Jess is pretty damn nifty in the kitchen but because I very much enjoy the open sharing of gratitude with my tablemates. Sure, I could do this everytime I sit down for dinner with friends but the fact is - I don't. How many of us do?  

Golden skinned Turkey. tick. Gravy and Cranberry sauce -tick tick. Her mother would be proud. This year she strayed away from her father's favourite sage stuffing and impressively whipped up her own cornbread before tossing chunks of it with sausage and spices. Yeah Sista!  Fresh asparagus spears, fluffy mash and the piece de resistance  - smooth as butter sweet potato bake with brown sugar and pecan crust.  No marshmallows. For which I give extra thanks. 

The next generation of thanks givers.... and joy bringers

 Although more stuffed than the Turkey that stuffed me I did manage to squeeze in a small slither of warm Pumpkin pie with a Cardomom ice cream chaser


Other things I am thankful for right this minute - my bed. Tomorrow morning - Wii Fit!
Happy Thanksgiving!!


  1. Welcome to the world of food blogging!! I'm fairly new too - but finding it good fun!

    I love Thanksgiving despite not really loving turkey. I celebrated many while living in Canada (but in October), and always feel a bit nostalgic at this time of year.

    Am looking forward to reading more about your Kyoto adventures - not been there yet. One day.

  2. Thanks so much Mel - it is quite good fun as it happens! I have thought about starting a blog for many years but haven't had time until now. Actually I still don't have time but am pretending I do.

    Why don't you host your own thanksgiving next year!?!?

    Kyoto is one of those magical places that gets under your skin. I hope my future posts will inspire you to visit one day.

    Cheers, Jane