Sunday, January 15, 2012

Kurisumasu in Kyoto 2011

What a wonderful time of year... my third consecutive Kyoto "Kurisumasu".... OK so Christmas doesn't exist in Japan in any formal way - it is more an opportunity in which to indulge in consumerism... but those of us foreigners who normally celebrate at "home" use it as a lovely excuse to get together and bond over a sumptuous meal or party or .... whatever takes our fancy. 

There was no KFC at our tables (a curious Japanese Xmas eve treat) but plenty of fabulous nibblies, wine and cheer with close friends in various cosy abodes  - perfect for our intermittently white Chrissy! A cross-cultural feast of all that is lovely.  I hope you and your special friends and family at least enjoyed a small break during the season of silly. 

Here's some snaps:
I can't end the post without mentioning poor Bebe... who was snatched by the jaws of a giant red croc after, I am told, being fed raw fugu ( poisonous puffer fish).... well we all ate it too - still.. its seems like she might be a tad small to be injesting a potentially deadly toxin.. just saying'? - it could all be a nasty rumour of course...
Fortunately she survived both life threatening incidents and was back safe in the arms of mama Michiko shortly afterwards...
and just a little bit of the white schtuff....

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