Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Village andPadma vegetarian cafe

A meatlover like myself could turn... if I was guaranteed vegetarian cuisine as good as this every time I ate out!

"Padma" is located on Kita Shirakawa dori (on the eastern edge of Kyoto city) - tucked away at the back of a building on the 2nd floor up a flight of grotty stairs in the Maison Shirakawa building, on the west side of the street, not far north of the Kyoto design Univeristy.... you got that??  You will need to look well to find it - but it will be worth putting your glasses on for.  

Its a bit hippy trippy in a Japanese boho way... slightly confusing?.. yes.. but nevermind all that

The food is creative Japanese, light but full flavoured and inspirational  vegetarian, vegan and macrobiotic fare. Go there - veggo or not! And at around 1000 yen for lunch - there is nothing at all to complain about... even the grotty stairwell...
The soymilk chai rocks too!  

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