Thursday, August 23, 2012

Nishin soba - Kyoto

If you are standing outside the famous Minamiza Kabuki theatre on Shijo dori - face directly north (the river will be on your left hand side) - if you cross the road and keep walking pretty much directly ahead for a couple of minutes, past a weird rotunda like building and a bicycle parking station you will see a couple of little (and one large) noodle restaurants. One  of the tiny ones, cowering in the shadow of a giant beast of a restaurant building, is Nishin Soba. 

The restaurant's name sake -Nishin (herring) soba - is also their house specialty but the rest of their menu is more varied than some soba/udon places I've eaten in.  On the day we visited many different bowls were being voraciously enjoyed by a significantly mixed clientele.  

Because I don't really do herring I tried the "yurine manju ankake udon"  or lily bulb dumpling on udon noodles with ankake (thickened soy/dashi mix), spring onions and ginger (see pic). It was pretty damn good but they also offered a couple of duck and prawn noodle dishes which took my fancy (next time). Many of the dishes can be enjoyed hot in winter and cold in summer. Check it out if you are in the area - they have an English menu. 

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