Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cafe Rokuyoshiya

This place has been here for as long as anyone in Kyoto can remember. I've patronised it only twice - once just recently when a friend reminded me of it and the first time about 30 years ago!
If there's no-one puffing away (or the smokers are at least in limited numbers) its a great place to stop for a quiet and decent coffee or tea when you are in the centre of town.  And if you are a smoker - well - you will appreciate this convenient venue in an area of Kyoto city which is pretty much a no-go zone as far as outdoor smoking is concerned. 
I love the old school ambiance. Total step back in time. Very conveniently located on the eastern side of Kawaramachi dori (street) just south of Sanjo dori - providing a rather different alternative to the Sanjo Starbucks just around the corner. 
Love it!

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