Friday, November 9, 2012

Fireflies and Da Yuki Wood-fired Pizza

Just as life was warming up in Japan, several months back now of course, I experienced two firsts in one night -Wood fired pizza in Kyoto - at the wonderful Da Yuki in Higashiyama (I'd put money on this being the best Pizza in Kyoto) and Fireflies!!! 

oh what childlike pleasure was derived from spotting that first glowing light, floating ghostlike over the Shirakawa canal, under the weeping willows. Whilst waiting for our table to free up at the pizzeria we spent a good half hour giggling and gasping in wonderment.  As soon as we made an approach the tiny green fairies flicked off their lamps in protection and once we finally ignored them the party lights were back on and off they'd levitate.   Now I've seen a glow-worm in Australia but never a firefly - I'm pretty sure they don't exist here ( please correct me if I'm wrong) so that may help explain my excitement.
yep! that is a firefly believe it or not.... and here's another... such fantastic night-time photography skills... 
And on to dinner...
Sensational pizza, fresh salad and above average desserts. A decent wine by the glass and a cosy environment. What's not to like. . 

Such a simple, special evening
You can find DA YUKI by walking West along Niomon street from the giant red torii gate on Jingu-michi ( the street that leads up to the entrance of the Heian shrine). Pass by the river, pass by the wonderful french brasserie and just 2 minutes more will find yourself outside the restaurant - chances are you will smell the aroma before you reach it!

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