Friday, April 27, 2012

Snapshots of Seoul December 2011 part 2

You will find part 1 - here!
notice anything unusual above?

Spun honey sweets filled with nuts, chocolate etc - doing a roaring trade with the Japanese tourists (and me!)

you cannot escape!

antique shop - complete with old dog
Sounds like dinner with some of my closest friends
typical Korean sweets - which in my experience are not particularly sweet
sugar and spice and all things nice shop
Lunch in Insadong was down an alley way at a place called "setting the table" ... yes I chose it because there was enough english on the sign to advise me it was a restaurant...
Once inside it looked quite different to what I'd expected. I was the only patron and was treated very well. The staff were as friendly as could be - although I could have done without the waiter playing me each of his favourite Hillsong arias once he found out I was from Sydney...


Shoju - I was expecting a glass but a whole bottle arrived... oh well.  
Blak sesame soup,  dumplings in both, a liquid and refreshing kimchee on the right
Crispy squid pancake
grilled pork salad
Pork belly wraps
Bibimbap with beef - yep, that was lunch for one  - about $10 AUD. Excellent value and delicious. 

These streetstall dumplings looked delish.. wish I'd had room after lunch...what I neglected to show you in the photographs was the black sesame ice cream that finished off the meal nicely...

So close to the mountains...