Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Adventures in Tad and Bridget's Garden

I'm missing Kyoto town. Especially during Australia's crazy heatwave and bushfire epidemic. I'd just been musing about winter in Japan, craving to be rugged up and crunching through freshly fallen snow, when I stumbled across a couple of shots of an early summer in Higashiyama, Kyoto's Eastern border and thought I'd share. 

Scene: Tad and Bridget were proudly showing me their blooming garden. 
Their blushing strawberries. 
The new growth of aromatic red shiso  -which they later turned into gloriously vibrant shiso syrup -so refreshing when added to ice cold sparkling water on a humid day. 
The incredibly fast growing bamboo - barely poking through the ground one day and touching the clouds just a few days later. I've never seen bamboo at this stage before - the new shoots stripping off their papery husk to reveal their taught, green connective piping.
Then there was the snake. 
OK, a small one. 
And.... It was dead, so no threat, but I very quickly leapt out of that veggie patch! There aren't many really dangerous animals in Japan (ok a few scary bears, some screechy monkeys, poisonous centipedes and the odd giant wasp) but some of the snake varieties are particularly nasty...  I've met a few in Japan in recent times - on mountain walks, near lake Biwa and just up the road and Tad and Bridgie's...  I've had my fill thanks.  

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