Sunday, February 24, 2013

Mount Tomah Botanical Gardens

Not long after returning from Japan we took a quick trip to the Blue Mountains and visited a few places I'd been meaning to take a squiz at for years - including the Mt Tomah Botanical Gardens. Both the day and the garden were absolutely stunning and I had to smack myself for not having previously made the effort. It was so wonderful that it was actually one of the few things that made the transition back into Australian life just that little bit easier. It's important to be reminded of the special beauty of your own country sometimes. I know I have taken it for granted. It also helped that the mountains remind me a little of Kyoto's own surrounds.... and the Koi pond was a nice touch! 

If you find yourself in the Blue Mountains Region do take the drive out to the gardens - you won't regret it. Here's the website

And if you are looking for somewhere nearby for lunch - check out the Apple Bar  in the  neighbouring town of Bilpin - the best place to eat in the area in my opinion. (Post coming soon).  And  if you are on your way back to Sydney make sure you grab some freshly picked fruit and veg at the roadside farm-stalls along the way. 

eeeek - Time to go...

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