Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sarasa Pausa

The  downtown outpost of Kyoto's popular Sarasa group of cafes is a casual venue. Stopping at Sarasa Pausa for a cuppa is a little like dropping in on a friend's place  - only you get to watch the world go by while they do all the work!   I haven't eaten here but if it is anything like its sister shops - it will be flavoursome, nutritious and reasonably priced.  The same cakes and sweeties are sold throughout the stores so there is consistency with that at least - which is a good thing. I have found the savoury offerings at the other Sarasa's to be a little unique at each venue. My favourite is Sarasa Nishijin in the old textile/weaving district.

 On this early summer's day we stopped in for a lovely fresh mint tea and an iced coffee. And stayed for a couple of hours without anyone blinking.
You will find the cafe on the west side of Fuyacho Dori (street) just north of Sanjo Dori (a few streets west of the Teramachi/Sanjo arcade). Enter on ground level and walk up to the second floor where you will be served by some fairly hip and casual wait staff... It really is a place to relax. Take a book if you are on your own and soak up the atmosphere. 

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