Thursday, April 3, 2014

Miso factory visit - Zenbu Ryori Tour

A few i-phone snaps (so wish I'd had my real camera) from our Jan 2014 miso factory visit on the inaugural Zenbu Ryori Cuisine and Culture tour - what an honour to spend time learning about the history, making and use of miso. Thanks to my good friend and uber foodie translator Tad we were afforded the most wonderful insight into a local Kyoto family business. A chat, a brief factory tour and a lurk in the traditional old Kura with a bunch of curious, engaged punters.  Not bad for a winter morning's entertainment. We were able to sniff n taste so many varieties of excellent quality miso... let''s just say purchases were made - although not all booty left the country...

** hot tip from fellow traveller Fiona? don't carry miso paste in your hand luggage - it is considered a liquid/gel/paste etc.....

Hot and Hotterer!

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  1. Looks amazing. Miso is such a complex and wonderful ingredient!