Monday, November 3, 2014

Bentley Restaurant and Bar

A few years back now I had the pleasure of acquiring and working on the Bentley Restaurant and Bar Cookbook for Murdoch books - a sexy beast of a thing which showcases a selection of Brent Savage's clever and visually impactful cuisine and provides the reader with just a sliver of business partner and sommelier Nick Hildebrandt's wealth of boozey knowledge.  Shot by the multitalented Luke Burgess before he jumped behind the stoves of Tasmania's fabulous Garagistes
The famous Cauliflower Custard with mushroom and black garlic. 
But that was back before they moved the Bentley from Suzza Hills (situated in the old Bentley Bar  - a dangerous place I'd frequented in my youth after dance parties - but that's not a story for now...)  to a new, spacious and more glamorous venue in the city on the corner of Pitt and Hunter Streets  -  and, by the way, also opened up another couple of popular eateries - Yellow and Monopole - neither of which I have made it to yet but I keep hearing amazing things about licorice bread for breakfast so I guess I'd best be getting myself across the bridge again sometime soon.   Too much time in Japan.
I'd been very keen to visit the new Bentley and recently shared lunch there with a friend - in doing so I was  finally able to catch up with the very clever Brent and Nick - and what a smile I had on my dial when I left - how great to see these guys doing so well.  They happen to be super lovely people so it makes it all the more cool.  Congratulations on your recent awards guys. 

Check out my lunch and drool.
A couple of bites to start us off with hints of Japan  - yuzu, wagyu, sesame - I was feeling right at home.
Sea urchin and Carrot left. Sugarsnaps, zucchini, asparagus, pine nut right.
Morton Bay Bugs, snapper and shellfish broth
Veal, celeriac, pumpernickel, pickled onion

So good. 

And don't I wish I'd had dessert......
Please have one for me when you go. And instagram me some dessert porn OK?
Beautiful fit out by the lovely Pascale Gomes-McNabb.

I'm sorry - but I had to put the cauliflower custard up again - how stunning is this??
PS - I  noted they are selling the Bentley book in the restaurant  - so when you eat there - make sure you take a peek!  Nudge nudge wink wink.... 

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