Monday, September 14, 2015

St Ives Medieval Faire

Last year a friend invited me to some 'do' he was putting on... a Medieval Faire. A what? 
I'd heard him correctly. 

It was the last thing I could imagine myself enjoying on one of my few days off but the other half was keen and you have to let them think they are making some decisions sometimes right?  Plus anything that took me close to a place in my head which might feel like I was on the set of Game of Thrones couldn't be a bad thing...  
Plus I grew to think t it could be a bit of a laugh  - certainly a pretty 'out there' idea as far as I was concerned.  And I do dig 'out there' . So off we galloped - sans period appropriate attire to                                                              

I could never have predicted that I would end up  so seriously freaking impressed. I thoroughly enjoyed myself  - it was not only extremely well organised but super interesting and loads of fun. 

Plus I've never seen such a brilliant bunch of things for kids to be involved in - they were LOVING it! 
From faux sword fighting to creating gorgeous masks to cheering on the flogging of a thief in the gallows - with the court jester .... well, holding court! They were totally into it. 

Absolutely everyone threw themselves into the spirit of the joust and watching the competitors in their fully armoured kits with the crowd leering and jeering along was like stepping back in time - to a place I now feel somewhat more acquainted with. 

 And the 'Birds of Prey' show had the crowd entranced. 

I particularly enjoyed chatting to people who dedicate themselves to researching and re-enacting medieval life. How fascinating it was to learn about the foods of the time, watch the blacksmiths do their thing and witness various feasts being prepared as each 'camp' went about the chores and celebrations of daily life.   OK, so it's hard to escape my food focus sometimes. 

 I believe that many people in attendance at the Faire are involved in weekends away where they live as close to how they would in Medieval days as they can - without chopping anyone's head off of course.  Seriously - check these guys out HERE.

And if you happened to find your inner  Medieval self whilst at the Faire - there were plenty of stalls to purchase outfits and paraphernalia.   

Er... NO Gerard....

Local  Manly brewhouse - 4 Pines even developed an authentic brew called the Gruit - and this non beer drinking wench thought it was rather grand! The ex-winemaker partner was suitably impressed too... This year they are also whipping up a mead ! Woo hoo. 

There's an additional event at the 2015 Faire which I'm really looking forward to and that is the authentic Medieval Feast on the Saturday evening - now that's gonna be right up my alley - oh what fun. I might even dress up. No. That's taking things a tad too far fair maiden.   Hopefully there are still tickets if this sounds like you?

Live music, plenty to eat and drink, loads of activities for the kids, a bunch of fascinating history, lots of laughs and some really spectacular people -gazing.  What's not to like?

There really was  just so much going on that I didn't get to see it all  - had I realised the event would be so very full of wonderous things to do and see I might have prepared myself a little better  - so do take a look at their  main programme for the weekend of 19 and 20 September 2015  and the kids programme here - it is pretty amazing. 

Yes that's right The St Ives Medieval Faire is on this weekend in Sydney's north - have you got your tickets yet??

This is not your average weekend.  That I can promise you. 

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