Wednesday, July 20, 2011

You know you make me wanna SCOUT!!

Forgive me - but at arm's length this post IS food related....  

A little too early for lunch at Newmarket (see!!!) I made the most of the time by poking around in a few of St Kilda's homeware offerings.  Scout House is a gorgeous gem of a store, crammed (in a rather glamourous way) with all sorts of fabulous new and pre-loved goods (seems to be the trend these days - I love the mix of weathered and shiny!). 
And the place smells wonderful too - the French candles are oo la lah expensive but there are no synthetic essences lurking within - these are the goods! (and if I wasn't leaving the country shortly I would have indulged and snapped up a couple for home)

The owner clearly has an eye for the fabulous - so go along and have a scout around - you are sure to find a little something to treat yourself or a friend!


  1. That shop looks dangerous! So many little treasures :-)

  2. Yes Emma - very dangerous indeed. I was lucky I had a lunch date because I might have sent myself bankrupt if I had stayed any longer!

  3. I'm particularly keen on that glass cake stand with matching dome. Gorgeous.

  4. I know SCS - isn't it fab. I like the little water jug with cup that sits on the top - reminds me of my nan..... aw...