Saturday, August 27, 2011


Grant King (the G and the K in GastroparK) and ex head chef of Pier Restaurant is so rocking my world right now. His food is clever, fun, innovative and most importantly - seriously delish!  

 It is definitely in my top 5 meals of the year - and a couple of those were in Japan so I guess that makes it one of my top 3 dining experiences in Oz for 2011! And I've had a few....

My dining companions one evening a couple of weeks ago were Chef Peter Gilmore, John Fink and Kylie Ball of Quay - needless to say we wouldn't have been the easiest table to impress...   but we all walked away buzzing with excitement after spending the entire dinner raving at each other about how good the grub was - the clinking of duelling cutlery evidence of our frenzied feasting!. 

I really need to start writing down what I eat, especially when I've been swilling wine. I think I am getting old - or maybe its just the stress of trying to leave the country for a year or so and fitting life in around the preparations... The same excuse will have to do for the lack of detail about each dish - just know they were all freakin' fantastic and that if you don't make yourself a booking soon you would be a fool. It is only going to get busier. 

Here's some snaps....

Unique butter presentation - seems to be the trick du jour. A simple gesture but I was suitably impressed. 

Puttanesca wafer - crisp parmesan studded with all the slutty bits you might expect - tomato, anchovies etc..

Thai inspired kingfish sashimi
raw scallops with lime, squid ink "caviar",  tuna bone marrow in vertebrae
cured blackmore wagyu short rib grizzini - bloody excellent snackin'
Shaved foie gras, wild hare, beetroot apple balsamic, red cabbage granita
onion and mushroom macchiato, caramelised veal sweetbread - sensational
soy and mustard glazed swordfish belly with pickled cucumber

liquid butternut gnocchi with mushroom consommé
salad of smoked eel, nasturtiums, beetroot, potato, horseradish
Seared scallops, carrot tofu, serrano ham, endive reduction, marcona almond
saddle of lamb, textures of cauliflower and mushrooms
crispy scaled snapper, smoked potato puree, calamari crackling, ink sauce
Rangers Valley beef fillet, soubise, veal sweetbread, sauté kale

Olive oil poached blue eye, clams, chorizo, octopus, piquillo pepper
Chocolate and honeycomb orb (complete with tiny cookies and cream macarons) is one of the most sensationally scrummo desserts I have encountered  - even Chef Gilmore couldn't get enough of it - and he knows a thing or two about spherical desserts!! 
Nitro pavlova with tropical fruits and coconut
caramelised pain perdu, apple, balsamic ice cream
pineapple marshmallow and beetroot "fruit leather"

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