Monday, August 8, 2011

Puddles, cuddles and banana cheesecake

What a lovely way to spend a weekend. A long overdue drive down the Victorian coast to visit friends in the sleepy, beachside village of Anglesea. 
Great company, excellent food cooked by my talented friend Gina, delicious local wines....
(I'm always chuffed when friends cook from my books - this banana cheesecake is from Grub, and if I do say so myself - its a little ripper - I will post the recipe here soon!!)

But most importantly I finally met her little girl (bad Aunty Jane!!)
Time flies all too fast when you spend a fair amout of time out of your own country.  
What fun we had jumping in puddles. 
And whizzing around on oversized critters with her big brother
And eating together of course....

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