Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Ikebana exhibition at Daimaru November 2011 生け花

Back in November my friend and garden expert, Mark Hovane, invited me to an Ikebana exhibition at Daimaru Department store.  It was wonderful to join the locals checking out the works, listening to the cooing and appreciative chatter.   Offerings from various Ikebana schools being displayed all in the one room provided the perfect environment for comparing the subtle, and sometimes not so subtle, style nuances between them. There were some incredibly beautiful traditional and modern works  - elegant, breathtaking, bold and thought provoking alongside some OTT,  "what were they thinking?" numbers... regardless they were all fabulous in their own special way.  

Before the event we stopped by a shop in Nishiki Market for lunch. They specialise in Kyo-Yasai (highly regarded Kyoto vegetables) and have a restaurant upstairs where they demonstrate how delicious their wares indeed are. 
Matsutake rice, potato in sweet soy glaze, dried daikon and carrot, Fried tofu stuffed with miso, vegetable ohitashi, soup and pickles
soymilk pudding at front, chestnut yokan in centre with fig on top, steamed matcha and kinako cake at rear

 the Ikebana...

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