Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sakuya Nov 2011

Just a little revisit to Sakuya - see original post here. If I was being really picky I would say that this meal was not as spot on as the first experience but still very pleasant and well priced. Actually it was very well priced for me as my friend shouted ( thanks Michiko!)... so really I should not complain. Actually I'm not complaining - it just wasn't quite as magical on this occasion - but that often happens on a follow up visit when expectation can get in the way. 

I must apologise for the lack of info on each dish - I was busy talking to a couple of academics during this meal so I was slightly too engrossed in their fascinating conversation to take notes.... ooops my bad.  But you will get the general idea from the pics. 
gomadofu with salmon roe and wasabi
Rice with seafood and ankake

serious counter dining going on...
Saikyo yaki sakana with kyo yasai and saikyo miso dressing
sashimi - with finely shredded pumpkin pickle
uni (sea urchin) sushi - with a flame brushed over it - and some very cute miniature leeks
mini fish nabe
 fried small fish in vinegar dressing
homemade noodles
a little matcha ice cream... why not..

 I just realised I didn't tell you how to get here in the last post. The restaurant is  on Chieko-in street, just north of Imadegawa street on the east side of the road in the Nishijin area. Gambatte ne!

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