Saturday, June 23, 2012

Kurio restaurant - Gion くりお

Running along the western edge of the Takasegawa (Takase river) to the west side of lower Kitayama dori/street (ie below Shijo dori) are a couple of casual spots to enjoy local vegetables - one of them is 'Kurio' (pictured above). Here's a link to a map

A few doors south (pics soon) is a fab little joint specialising in all forms of Negi (Onion, Leek, Scallions etc)  -but also serves a small selection of other seasonal, local vegetables. 

And yes both do a variety of meat too, some very lovely pork in the case of Negi restaurant  -but the veg is the hero. Excellent choice of venue for small groups that comprise of both vegetarians and carnivores.   I believe there are English menus available at both - even though it may not appear that way when you first arrive - go inside - they will help you. 

The photos below are from Kurio  - the food was mainly fresh and flavoursome with the odd dish only slightly underwhelming. I will post a couple from the Negi restaurant soon. 
Just made tofu - scoop its luscious curds still warm from the pot - with fresh ginger and a little soy for drizzling
Excellent Korokke (potato and mince croquettes)

This was supposed to be cha siu but it was more like European style roast pork -with rubbery crackling... yummy sauce and lots of negi made up for the faults in the dish. If you want to try some excellent chargrilled pork with lots of fresh spring onions like this - do go to the negi restaurant a few doors down - its addictive. 
Fried eggplant and vegetable tempura with dashi /soy broth
Grilled miso chicken
tender beef cheek and tofu hotpot
Leek gratin

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