Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bird's eye view of Kyoto

There are many things  I love about Kyoto but sometimes its the simple things,  like the view from our window or Kyoto rooftop, which instantly sends me into a deeply relaxed and appreciative state. We are fortunate to be currently residing in one of the taller apartments in Kyoto - a city which is predominantly low-rise - for which I am both grateful and astounded. This ain't Tokyo people. But, sadly,  its only for a short time as we move again later in the year. I intend to make the most of this little luxury - especially over summer when we will be able to clearly see the brightly burning kanji in the mountains of Kyoto during Obon -Daimonji being the closest. 

I invite you to share the skies, rooftops, mountains and cityscape of Kyoto from my special vantage point. I shall keep adding to this intermittently. 
Lunar eclipse
Super moon


  1. I absolutely love these shots.

    Great captures of kyoto :)

  2. Hey thanks Jun, that is lovely feedback. Much appreciated.