Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Animal Doughnuts

Are these not the cutest doughnuts you have ever seen?

You'll find 'em: on the east side of Kawaramachi street just south of Sanjo street in downtown Kyoto
They are moreishly chewy and made from real ingredients  -  chocolate, nuts & fruits of the season. 

They have some wonderfully simple, traditional Japanese flavours such as red bean, green tea, black sugar etc - but I can't take my eyes off their animal range. There are all sorts of cute critters which change regularly. I'll add more next time I pass by the sweet little shop. 

But do check out their website for a peek at their range. And don't forget to switch on the automatic translator in Google chrome so you can read their titles and what goes into them. 

Now I'm hungry... what's for breakfast?