Friday, July 19, 2013

Bar Satanaka. Sfera Building. Kyoto

It's Friday night. This busy week has flown by. I need a drink. 
But where to go in Sydney town?
If I was in Kyoto I know exactly where I'd be... 

Bar Satanaka is tucked away at the back of a  green-lit, metal-laced building in the northern section of Gion. By day, it is easy to walk by - even though its appearance is strikingly different to the neighbouring machiya.   But by night... well you couldn't miss it could you??

The  Sfera building also houses one of my favourite design stores and is in close proximity to the antiques district around Shinmonzen dori. I'd never have discovered the bar if it wasn't for my window shopping habit. 

When you reach the correct floor you need to feel your way down a dark hallway

The bar is intimate and quiet until around 10pm when it gets its buzz on. 

Bar Satanaka is perfect for catching up with friends over a really good cocktail or glass of wine (.No sake!! ouch. ) as you can actually hear each other talk - especially in one small pocket of the bar (almost a private room - so snaffle it up early!). The rest of the bar is simply a long , sleek counter with comfy high-chairs to perch upon and a friendly, professional barkeep to gaze at.

We didn't have much time to catch up with friends during our trip in May but we did squeeze in a couple of bevvies with the lovely and talented David B and the spectacular Ms Lizzie! All too brief. Thanks for a great night guys. xx

Find Bar Satanaka on the west side of Nawate Dori (street) just south of Shinmonzen and north of Shinbashi streets. 3rd Floor. Enter on the ground floor level - even though it seem like there is no one there.... and take two sharp right turns to find the tiny lift.

Open 7pm - 4am

*it's not your eyes.. some of the images appear a little blllurry due to mild intoxication of the photographer. I swear they were in focus at the time...

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