Monday, March 24, 2014


I didn't have my bigboy camera on my when I dined at Nomad for the first time some months back  - November  I think it was.... who knows. Life has been a blur lately. However, I've just discovered a handful of i-phone snaps so thought I'd take the opportunity to give the joint a quick, belated shout out.  

Every man and his dog seem to have been here - indicating they are doing something right. Right? Right! It ain't all hype, (yippee!) as can sometimes be with new Sydney joints. It's a lofty space that feels somehow cosy, you can go with a crew or on your own and not feel out of place, the food is real and not overly fussy and the staff were friendly but not too familiar. Decent cocktails and wines by the glass were much appreciated.

The highlights were most definitely the house made charcuterie and cheeses. The mortadella is so good I could go all Lady Gaga on it.  If it wasn't for the flies. Hey summer is almost over... ?
Freshly made haloumi ? hello.  And of course there are decent pickles  - if you aren't on the pickle train right now you are soooo 2012...  

I've been back just for the meat platter and would do so again.  And again.  I suggest you do the same.

I dined here with some fellow "hard to please and a bit over it" food media folk and, for the most part, we all gave it the thumbs up. The "feed me" option (above) is a great idea for food writers on a social outing ( who are having a night off from ordering for everyone at the table) but in hind sight, upon doing the sums, it seems that ordering our own selection may have been a better financial choice. 

Also, we found that giving a table of 4 people just 3 slices of each kind of meat ( when they each paid for the feed me option) was just a bit odd. When we queried it they told us it was 'by weight'???  OK, but there were 4 of us so maybe cut the slices a little thinner??? 

These issues may have been rectified since our visit so if you  have had a more positive experience of the "feed me option" here (or anywhere else for that matter) please feel free to leave a message below. 

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