Saturday, March 8, 2014

Shunkoin and Shojin

Take one rainy Kyoto Day, add a small foodie travel group and introduce Zen philosophy, Buddhist vegetarian cuisine and a stroll in the bamboo forest. Not a bad day at work. 
Inspiring. Monk Taka from Shunkoin temple in the Myoshinji complex. 
A few gorgeous members of the January 2014 Zenbu Ryori. Ready for their meditation lesson. And keen to learn about life from the perspective of a Buddhist monk in Japan. 
Temple surrounds and grounds- stunning even in the rain and winter light.
Then onto our Shojin Ryori ( Buddhist vegetarian cuisine) lunch nearby. Vegan and amazing. Who could have guessed?
Then a short ride to Arashiyama... An atmospheric approach to the bamboo forest - if not terribly comfortable for too long in the rain and cold. It was a shame but one thing a tour guide cannot control is mother nature....

If you like the look of this you might be interested in my Zenbu Winter Tours.

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