Sunday, June 29, 2014


There are many things I love about the Hyatt Regency Kyoto (where my Zenbu Cuisine & Culture Groups stay) but the food and beverage facilities here are truly top notch. Which is a rare thing to say about a hotel. From breakfast through to late night - the team are all over it! 

I adore the Touzan bar - the do fantabulous martinis, the staff know my name and what  I like to drink  (is that a bad thing??) it has a wonderfully cosy, nook like ambiance AND it is right next door to the Touzan restaurant.  
On our final evening in late April the kitchen team put together such a nourishing and delicious meal for us. After a couple of weeks eating everything from the wildly exotic to the simply rich and decadent - we really just wanted something soulful. And that is exactly what we got. 
We started with one of my favourite local dishes - gomadoufu (sesame tofu)  - a creamy, sesame morsel topped with fresh wasabi and good soy. 
Then came these SENSATIONAL gooey eggs marinated in soy then chargrilled. I want this NOW. 
A superb tastette of nigiri zushi (there's a sushi counter inside the restaurant too)
Then a simple nabe (hotpot) of udon noodles topped with grilled local chicken, tempura veg, cabbage, konnyaku and spring onions. Just so nourishing. 
Oh yeah. Just feeling a little bit homesick now. Missing Kyoto town. 

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