Sunday, June 1, 2014

Zezekan Pocchiri - Chinese Restaurant Kyoto

Zezekan is a visually stunning restaurant and bar in a Taisho Era building full of elegant antiques. Even the  bathroom area with original stone sink is gorgeous in its earthiness.  With views onto the beautifully calming garden - it is a pretty inviting space.  Based in traditional Kimono shophouse area the building used to house, funnily enough, a Kimono business. The bar was once apparently the old kura/storage area. 
The food, supposedly Beijing style but rather a cross between fairly generic Chinese and Japanese,  is not bad but a little expensive for Kyoto town. They are very accommodating to non red meat eaters - as long as you can eat seafood and don't mind a bit of chicken stock in your sauce you will be OK... each to their own.     
Appetiser plate
Chawan mushi of crab with nanohana (canola greens) sauce
Seasonal bamboo shoot spring rolls
Beer/or fish in a rich, sticky slightly sweet//sour sauce
Fish with tempura vegetables 
Yuba soup
  I do love a good annindoufu (almond tofu). 
Tea was included. 

*On Nishiki - west of Karasuma street. 
Sadly I won't be rushing back but it is worth going for a drink just to see this fabulous space. 

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  1. Oh, I'm sorry to see you weren't a huge fan of this place. I went for their lunchtime bento and thoroughly enjoyed it but then again I never seem to have truly excellent Chinese food so maybe the bar wasn't set too high. :) The setting is gorgeous though.