Thursday, December 16, 2010

The bliss brought about by Bridget

Words cannot really describe the joy that is a morning's shiatsu in this tiny, bamboo shrouded, tatami matted room. Half way up a whisper-quiet mountain and adjacent to Shisendo, one of my favourite temples in Kyoto,  I started semi regular treatments for a dodgy spine earlier in the year  - I have been itching to return.  While the rain pitter-pattered (actually the rythym was more like that of a heavy handed speed typist) on the roof and an elderly neighbour gracefully plucked away at the strings of her heavenly sounding Koto - Bridget Scott, world's best Shiatsu therapist, worked my body into a transcendental state  then generously shared with me a pot of very fine Gyokuro green tea before sending me out into the day.

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