Friday, December 31, 2010

I went out for groceries and came back with this...

What a way to end what has been, for me, a fascinating and restorative year. I began 2010 in the very apartment from which I now write.  Surreal. Did I really return home for 8 months - it doesn't seem possible? There is a certain sense of de ja vu of course however there is one quite obvious difference...  Kyoto saw little snow last winter but I have a feeling, judging by today's dumping, that I shall see a far whiter season this time round.  

After only a mere dusting earlier this year, absolutely no ground cover to speak of, I ran out as soon as I saw the white stuff fluttering by my window so I could snap a few photos on my way to buy groceries - and before it inevitably disappeared - only it didn't. It just kept on coming. Increasingly heavy and a little cold to be frank. The ankles of my jeans crusted over where they had soaked up melted snow and I had to snap chunks of ice off so they wouldn't dissolve into puddles once indoors.  I couldn't feel my toes. 

The taxi driver almost refused to take me to the supermarket because he didn't have snow tyres but we made it part of the way before he gave up and I jumped out and straight into a warm cafe for coffee and panini as breakfast had been forgotten in my hurry to capture a few last flakes. It is still snowing 12 hours later.  On the way home I juggled 3 bags of shopping, my handbag and a camera by wedging an umbrella down the front of my jumper into my cleavage - rather inventive if I do say so myself. It was the only way I could get everything home AND take pics at the same time which was essential because there was no chance in hell I was coming back out for the rest of the day. 

Wishing everyone a magical, peaceful and joyous 2011. Be safe, happy, healthy and loved. 
J xx

I had the Heian Jingu almost to myself for a short time this morning then the tour buses arrived - marking my exit. 

 Below is the canal at the start of the Tetsugaku no michi (philosopher's path) and very close to Ginkakuji (Silver Pavilion) - it it gorgeous any time of year but in the snow.... ooo la la...
 The shots below are a few steps away from my apartment and the shortcut I take to the bus-stop. I love this little street hidden away from the day-trippers...
 A local restaurant displays this New Year floral arrangement at the front door in welcome
Below is where I took refuge for a short time, waiting for the snow to stop.... A good idea in theory.


  1. That photograph with the arched trees like a tunnel is perfection.

  2. Hey thanks Jenny... sorry - I only just saw your comment now!! cheers, JL