Monday, March 7, 2011

Home Eats

While this blog may make indicate I dine out every day while I am away  - I don't!  Although it feels like it sometimes...  

I do cook at home and with such wonderful produce here in Japan it is not difficult to understand why. 

Check out this marbled Kyoto Beef... mmmm and below is nama yuba (milk skin) I made from fresh, unpasteurised soy milk made with the best quality organic soy beans and crystal clear mountain water  - drizzled with a little organic shoyu (soy sauce) - it was a nutritious, creamy, nutty snack!  (Recipe will be in the book but you will have to wait a little while for that I'm afraid...) 

Further below is a "leftovers" omelette with a personality disorder but slightly bitter Japanese leafy greens, mushrooms, smoked cheese and jamon is a pretty damn tasty combination as it turns out... especially with a sprinkling of dried red shiso and toasted sesame. 

My afternoon tea treat of Matcha Kinako "latte" with sakura nama yatsuhashi was the perfect pick me up whilst writing... (ooh sorry - that is powdered green tea and roasted ground soybeans whisked with hot milk/water served with a cherry blossom flavoured 'yatsuhashi' - a kyoto sweet made with glutinous rice flour and a red bean filling ) 

I shall add more stuff as I stumble across it.... 

Back in Oz...Lamb, potato and bamboo, carrots with walnut miso dressing, broccoli with sesame dressing and kamo negi nabe below (duck and leek hotpot)
back to Japan again september 2011 and lots of lovely veggies and salads in the warmer weather
Yoghurt with sweet azuki beans! yum
Mushrooms with garlic, Drenched Greens ( ohitashi style) and pork with leeks and shiso - dinner with a cabbbage and cucumber salad. Early summer Kyoto. 2012. 


  1. Iine iine! I love yuba skin but there's not a hope of getting it here in Austria where I moved to after I lived in Tokyo 2 years ago. Will be following along to feed my food envy ;P

  2. Ii ne!!!
    Well.. you will just have to make it yourself Sasa ( if you can find soy beans...??). I know that kind of ingredient can be a little hard to find in Austria - an understatement?
    Making yuba can be a waste of time without the right quality soy beans so maybe just plan a visit back to Japan and eat it every day until you are sick of it!!?
    There is something so simple and sublime about yuba - an experience that needs to be had. soy milk skin - it just sounds wrong! but its oh so right....

  3. Today is the first day of lent - which means fasting for me and abstaining from meat. BIG mistake to check your blog out! That marbling is sinful!

  4. Yuba, yuba, yuba, something I've read about so often but never had the pleasure to come across. Once I grab a hold of your book, I'll try it out in hot pot (I hear it's fabulous served that way), dunked in a citrusy soy dipping sauce.

  5. hey Jenny! yuba is wonderful in all its forms. They use the dried version for hotpots etc but it has many applications. And can be rehydrated for dipping into ponzu (the sauce/dipping with soy, yuzu, katsuoboshi etc). Nama or fresh yuba is my favourite. Straight from the pot, warm and creamy with freshly grated wasabi and good shoyu. But I love it in any form...

  6. Ohhh is yuba and dried tofu skin the one and same thing? Albeit, yuba being fresh?
    In that case, I've had tofu skin (the dried form) dozens of times (I have Chinese heritage so it's quite common on my dining table), rolled up with meat and vegie fillings and drizzled with sesame oil. Scrumptious.

  7. yes Jenny - yuba in its more regular form is the dried version of the skin that forms when boiling soy milk. And is, as you know, common in Chinese cuisine . Nama yuba is the soy milk skin lifted straight out of the pot and into your dish. Its damn good.