Sunday, March 27, 2011

Katsukura かつくら

What's not to like about deep-fried, crumbed pork? 

Katsukura is a Japanese "chain" restaurant with good quality Tonkatsu in various grades, cuts and weights of succulent, sweet pork. I usually go for the "rosu" which is the sirloin but the "hire" or filet/fillet is also very good - and you can order some of each for variation. 

These pics are from the outlet  above Kyoto Station but I prefer the Sanjo dori store (just east of Teramachi). Order your choice of main and receive as much rice, tea, miso soup and cabbage as you can take - all for about 1500 yen.  Their seafood croquettes are bloody good too if you are not a fan of the swine. And of course there are other fried goodies including ebi furai (crumbed fried prawns) and a decent chawan mushi (steamed savoury custard) and a few other bits and pieces. 

Grind your own sesame (great for keeping kids amused) then add some tonkatsu sauce (2 strengths are on the table for mixing to suit your own tastes) and dip away. The yuzu dressing ( also on the table as is a hot, spicy mustard) is perfect on the finely shredded cabbage (which helps digest fried foods) and the pickles are also worth a nibble. 


  1. fabulous...looks like you are immersing yourself completely - loving your pics & details. i found you through sue fc commenting on her facebook about you! dayle

  2. oh hey Dayle, thanks for dropping in and for your very kind comment. I took a look at your blog - its gorgeous! and lots of cool links too. And yes, Kyoto is my second home - it is very easy to become attached and the longer I spend there the more it gets under my skin and the easier it becomes to scratch away under her surface - which can be quite difficult as a "visitor". Kyoto is a very special place that needs to be experienced. I hope people get a little sense of her through my blog. stay in touch. j

  3. so excited about your beautiful blog Jane, what is there not to like about all those amazing images and gorgeous food details, such generosity of spirit shown in Kyoto even to the "visitor"! Hanging out for your next instalment. genny

  4. Ah Genny, thanks so much for your lovely words. xx