Friday, March 18, 2011

Restaurant Pittoresque - Hotel Okura Kyoto ほてるおくらきょうとう

I took myself on an impromptu "date" a few weeks ago. It is lovely to treat yourself to a night on the town sometimes - especially on a complete whim. Sadly this particular venue was not really my cup of tea. It is a little old fashioned in regards to both food and service and the venue itself a bit tired and stuffy - perhaps if I had been in a small hotel in a quaint European village I would have been a little more appreciative. 

I am sure there are people who would feel very comfortable here and it is the type of venue that the Japanese, when looking for something a little exotic (ie not Japanese) might visit and enjoy as a one off eg celebration meal, romantic date, entertaining clients etc. The meal was fine, some of it quite  pleasant, but I would rather have spent the $300AUD elsewhere (that's for one person with 2 glasses of wine).  

At the end of the day it comes down to personal taste and that is why I have included it in the blog - if you are staying at the Hotel Okura in Kyoto you might be tempted to dine here but just beware of the cost which was more than I was anticipating and if you like your food traditional in a Euro sense and "tasty" - then you may really enjoy the experience.  Take a look at the pics below for an idea of what to expect. 

A curious mix of jamon, parmesan and rocket salad - yes jamon and not prosciutto
Scallops stuffed with truffle 
Consomme with small cubes of foie gras and vegetables
Lobster tail with truffles
Wagyu with seared foie gras and white asparagus (dish of the night)
cheese and bread
A light pre dessert of yoghurt panna cotta and fresh strawberry sauce
Then a very theatrical and full gueridon serviced crepes suzette. I enjoyed watching the waiter who was very focused as you will note below but I fear the cultured butter had perhaps become over-cultured.... to be polite. 
Tea or Coffee and petits fours


  1. I would have been sorely tempted to ask the jamon wrangler to leave the leg and the knife with me and not bother with any other courses...

    Actually, forget the knife. I could get all Henry VIII on that joint!

  2. Injera it was very good quality jamon, I too would have been happy to gnaw down to the bone in trade for the rest of the meal

  3. Hi Jane!
    Thanks for the comment, I didn't even know you had a blog. Have been enjoying scrolling through all your gorgeous photos.

    What a theatrical crepe suzette presenter! Must get my mum to work on her form ;)


  4. Thanks ICS! the blog is only a baby - I started it in November just before I left for Japan. Have a few more Kyoto posts to put up then not sure how regularly I shall be tending to it ( until I return that is...)