Friday, April 1, 2011

Bessie, a pig's foot and a bottle of beer.. and some incredible oysters

Ricky and Mitsuko know good food. They are responsible for introducing me to Kyoto's superb and sprawling wholesale markets, helping me acquire my prized soba knife, recommending fine restaurants with reasonable prices and most recently, providing a small bunch of us with a very special Sunday lunch.

We kicked off with champagne and huge, uber fresh oysters served with momiji oroshi daikon (finely grated daikon and red chilli), spring onions and lemon before moving onto Mitsuko's famous gelatinous, sticky pigs feet simmered in soy and mirin - nibbled to the sounds of  Bessie Smith's "Gimme a pig's foot and a bottle of beer".  

Steamed rice with sweet lap cheong and vegetables and a shredded raw cabbage salad with crisp, fried noodles and a light soy dressing would have made wonderful accompaniments on their own but then Bridget turned up with young brussel sprouts tossed with a sesame dressing and some teensy baby cabbages from the Ohara farmers' market which Mitsuko quickly blanched and drizzled with oyster sauce  - and the feast suddenly grew - perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon's grazing.  If I recall correctly there was a certain amount of excellent sake and beer consumed. 

Roll Keeki (Swiss roll)  - the cake of the moment in Japan  - was served for dessert with some delectable citron and cassis macarons before great coffee, liqueurs and Mitsuko's superb naked almond florentines were brought out....   all under the watchful eye of our little piggy friend (no not me!)  - presented to our hosts by the lovely Dr Ana in honour of the occasion. 

It was yet another fine Kyoto meal in great company. Feeling rather tipsy I would have absolutely loved to have rolled home to bed afterwards (spot the telltale pic of drunken silliness - a group effort...)  however I had a  Korean banquet to attend. Directly after our long, leisurely lunch I walked over to another friend's place where we commenced dinner - there would have been half an hour between meals.... It is a good thing I am well practiced.... And that Korean is so light and fresh  - I soon forgot that I was already well stuffed - more on that soon!

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