Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kim-san's Kim Chee

It was not so long ago that I believed kim chee was just some limp cabbage pickle in an all-too-hot-n-spicy red base.  Having never really experienced decent Korean food in Australia I was under the impression it was all a bit uninviting and well... merely dodgy bits of tired veg masked in chilli  - which, as it turns out, is HIGHLY incorrect and unfair. 

 In Japan I was introduced to a very different Korean cuisine by my friend Myong Hee Kim - via restaurants (particularly those in Osaka where there is a healthy Korean population) and more recently in her home. Boy did I recieve an education.  It has certainly sparked an interest to learn much more about Korean food - which will naturally include getting myself to the country of origin as soon as possible  - because there's simply no better way to gain insight into a cuisine.  

I really should have known better - how could a country full of garlic loving fiends not know healthy, flavoursome food?  Korea is a quick boat or plane trip from Japan so I have promised myself (and Myong Hee) a detour from Kyoto when I return  - so will let you know when there is more on the subject!  

Tofu, daikon, cucumber and beansprout kim chee
I love the way the daikon is cut here into unusual rectangular shapes - this was truly delicious, crunchy yet tender with only a hint of chilli heat
not a cabbage leaf in sight...  below was some lightly cooked beef which we wrapped in lettuce leaves and a variety of herbs. Delish.

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