Sunday, April 24, 2011

Exploding Sake...

OK so it didn't explode but only because we were forewarned about this style of Sake by a couple of friends.  The bacteria is LIVE therefore as soon as you make the first twist of the lid it starts to fizz and foam with a rush of gassy bubbles. It took Tad about 30 minutes of very gradually, and patiently, twisting then resting the screwtop. With each minuscule turn the whole lot threatened to erupt.  We lost  about a tablespoon of sake onto the footpath all up - a friend had lost 3/4 of a bottle on an earlier attempt, covering an entire room and himself with its viscous contents. 
As you can see below - the sake is thick and chunky and not entirely visually appealing.... but WOW. While it was particularly pungent on first sip it settled quickly and rounded out to become one of the most character-filled sake's I have had the pleasure of experiencing. We couldn't get enough of it and guzzled the whole bottle far more quickly than the three of us had anticipated. Funky, zesty, slightly sweet, exciting. The flavour was unique to say the least and the intoxication was more of a delightful mellow buzz, very giggly, some might refer to it as a "stoned" feeling...  The volatile liquid is unlikely to travel well so if you are in Japan seek it out. Can't wait to get me some more. 


  1. Picked up your new book today! I didn't realise it was yours until I got home and saw your name... looked so amazing I had to have it. Can't wait to start cooking from it :)

  2. Hey Shellie - thanks!! was it Yoshoku? let me know what you cook from it.