Friday, September 16, 2011

Chicken Run

Just four more sleeps in a single bed in mum's spare room and I'll be winging my way to Kyoto. I've hit a wall. The lead up has been a little stressful to say the least but I guess a lot needs to happen to allow one to leave your home for an indefinite period - finishing off major projects, refurbishing, cleaning, packing, refinancing the mortgage, dealing with real estate agents and tenants, moving my stuff into storage and myself into my old bedroom - plus running around performing all those departure-related tasks and spending way too long on the phone with well, phone companies, health care funds, insurance agencies, airlines and the like.  Then of course setting up meetings in countries with people I don't know and organising reunions with those I do. 

But the hardest bit of all this is saying goodbye to my beautiful friends and family. I've been avoiding it as much as I can because it is a terribly emotional time and I don't want to lose the plot completely before I get on the plane! So I have been starting gently - spending time last weekend with my oldest friend Vanessa's family -including her 3 precious chooks.  It was relaxing and a rather healing to spend a few hours zoning out while I observed them all go about their afternoon chores, music practice and simply playing in the sunlight. It was almost like I wasn't there yet I felt entirely included while I sat plonked, lump-like, on a step  - these guys are family to me. 
I so admire my friends for turning their suburban backyard into an edible garden and daily egg supply (and chook poo) unit! Nothing like cooking dinner with your own veggies and breaking into runny fluorescent yolks in the morning. Something to aspire to on my return... whenever that may be.  I will miss this. 

Fun for all the family...

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