Thursday, September 22, 2011

So long, farewell and a dolphin serenade...

Saying goodbye when you know you won't be back for a while is always difficult. Its particularly hard when there are little people involved. 

My last few days in Australia were filled with friends and family dropping by to wave me off and ply me with wine and well wishes. The morning before I left my gorgeous cousin Julie took me to Manly for brekkie with her double trouble twinnies and even the dolphins came out to flap their fins at me! Curiously I have never seen these beautiful creatures in "the wild" so I read this first encounter as a most auspicious sign. 

Picture perfect
Deni and Blossom showing off for the camera
And being too darned cute as they pondered the daisies
see ya girlies xx

Then of course there was the day before that spent with my immediate family (and a few close friends who popped over in the afternoon and evening). Its inevitable that, even though I might be having a fabulous time living away from my home country, that I will miss some key people, more than a handful as it happens. But there's nothing quite like leaving the little ones who haven't really worked out that you won't be around. They think you will be back in a week of course - having no concept of what a whole year might be like... or longer.  I am guessing they will be too easily distracted with their own daily entertainments anyway and that it is me that will miss them far more than the reverse. And they grow up so damn fast. But there is always Skype!! So take note parents of my small friends!! 

It kills me to leave my niece and nephew but ya know, you gotta do what you gotta do. Life is short and you have to get out there and live it in the very best way possible - for you. Live your dream if you can. If you dare. That's what I'm attempting right about now. Its all a bit of a leap of faith and a bunch o' frightening and scary all rolled into one.  But who knows what my new life will bring. Its deliciously mysterious at the minute. 
my beautiful niece and nephew...

 After brunch cooked by mum ( thanks mum!) we played games and sang songs and my brother took the kids on their first sprinkler run!  My nephew was timid at first - then we couldn't drag him away from the thing - he was spectacularly drenched. Little miss was less than impressed.... the stereotypical reaction added much humour to my day.

 Touching rainbows....

don't grow up too fast my Jakey and Chloe xxxx
Then of course there are my "sista's" kids.... Jaz and TJ I will miss you guys very much. Look after mummy and daddy for me ok!! See you on Skype soon chickies xx Aunty Wippy xx

 Rainbows and dolphins... seriously??? ... seriously??
Let the adventure begin


  1. Miss you, miss you, miss you...Lov JK

  2. voice of you to drop by my love. I'll miss you too - until you get here.... ;) x