Saturday, September 3, 2011


Ooops  - almost forgot to add this one.... its only a month or so since I was last in Melbourne... or is it longer? I don't really know at this point - my head has been stuck in the book shoot and now my focus is on getting out of my place and on my way to Kyoto. This is likely to be my last  Aussie restaurant post for a while... It might end up being the shortest too...

In amongst all the worky stuff it was so lovely to lunch with my gorgeous mates Sharlee Gibb, Matt Wilkinson and Master F -the best fed baby in town. While I recall enjoying shovelling tasty tidbits into my face we were far too busy talking and playing squeeze the bub for me to take much notice of the detail... so I will apologise for making this so brief and just let you have a squiz of what's on offer. 

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