Friday, May 24, 2013

A too brief return to Kyoto town...

Yes, I've been a little quiet. I'm just back from a very busy research trip to Kyoto - a mere 10 days that went in a flash. I was expecting the weather to still be a little cool as all had reported just the week or so before I arrived - but  no...the Summer decided to show its nasty face early and I was not entirely prepared wardrobe-wise - or mentally. I mean I left Kyoto last October after a hellish summer then immediately commenced summer in Sydney and I was certainly not anticipating entering my third sweaty season in a row. I'm a winter chick - OK universe!!??

With top temps in the high 30's and dropping to about 9C in the evening I cleverly managed to acquire a bug that turned to bronchitis and asthma - an affliction I am not so familiar with.... I was rather perplexed as to why I couldn't breathe properly or had any energy to move?? At least I found the answer when I returned home and was ushered straight to the doc. 

So for the last half of the trip I was quite literally under the weather and while I did push  myself to attend most of my work related appointments - there were some I simply could not physically get to - so apologies again to all. And also to some of my mates whom I would have loved to have caught up with... next time. Gomen gomen!!

But I had lots of adventures nonetheless and you will be hearing about them soon. I met some amazing locals and ate more than my share of very fine food. I patted two snakes under the railway tracks on a brief visit to Kobe and practiced zazen meditation in a beautiful temple in western Kyoto. A typical collection of Japanese moments. 

More soon.  Jane

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