Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Dari K Chocolates.Kyoto.


If you have ever walked down the Sanjo Shotengai (an old fashioned shopping arcade on Sanjo street at the Western edge of Kyoto city - very close to Nijo Station) chances are you were drawn to this tiny shop by the perfume of warm, spicy chocolate. I cannot walk past Dari k without popping inside to inhale as much of the rich, chocolate air as possible. Once my nostrils are suitably sozzled I then go about the business of tasting and purchasing. 
The chocolate truffles made on the premises are gorgeous and their wooden box packaging turns them into the perfect gift. They have other cacao based goods (desserts, drinks and some lovely spice roasted nuts and roasted cacao beans etc - ie lots of items I find hard to resist.

Check it out if you are in the area -  apparently there is a downtown store now too. Here's a link to their site: DARI K

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