Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Takazawa. Akasaka,Tokyo

I just found these (very low quality snaps)  -  taken almost 5 years ago for my 40th Bday. 
Sadly I can't recall as much detail on the food as I'd like to share (early onset dementia)  but  Takazawa (originally called Aronia de Takazawa) is one of my favourite restaurants in Tokyo (not that I have been to too many lately having been so tied to Kyoto!) The space is elegant and intimate,  the food is inventive and totally delicious and Chef Takazawa, and his wife who runs the floor, are just the most lovely people. Hospitality plus plus!!

I highly recommend the restaurant which has just two or three tables - seating up to about 8 people. When I last ate there (about 3 years ago) the entire prep/cook etc was solely carried out by the chef - I'm really hoping someone at least helps them wash up because it is a damn long day with the many intricate courses he puts up. 

Here are a few snaps to show you what I mean...

Frozen olive oil... from memory
luscious porky goodness to spread on home made bread
Chef's famous vegetable mosaic
The candle with foie gras brulee

"powdery" dressing which "smokes" as it melts
Takazawa's farm - all the tiny veg, milk, eggs from the chef's father's farm. Earth of panko, shichimi, soy etc. This kind of thing is done a bit these days but 5 years ago it was cutting edge!!

Fish and chips with vinegar dropper ( rocks made with bamboo charcoal powder)

shiso jelly (you don't see the jelly on the plate until you pull your spoon through it) with pineapple and pear sorbet
herbal teas for beauty, digestion, slimming etc....
Takazawa's camembert -  Cheesecake dessert
Mont Blanc - chestnut, green tea - note the pearlescent sauce
Love the personalised Happy Birthday note...such lovely touches
Even the bill is brought over in a gorgeous box and the bathroom is delightful... such detail at every turn

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