Sunday, June 16, 2013

Adelaide . January 2013

So it's June already.... and Adelaide was.. ?? in January. blah. Where do the months go?
It was a quick trip (thankfully as the temperature hovered in the early 40C's every day we were in town - let's not mention the bush fires) so I'll make this post appropriately short in its honour!

First stop on the Gerardo magical whirlwind reminiscence tour of Adelaide was a visit to his old University campus. A rather gorgeous place to be studying your arse off earning first class honours in Oenology. Alas that was long ago and sadly I'm not swanning around playing winemaker' missus, bathing in vino and having grape skin facials... maybe one day.

The following day we stopped for lunch at The Locavore in Stirling, in the Adelaide Hills.
 It was spot on - $15 for a very good burger, hand cut chips and a very nice glass of red - mid week special. No brainer.  Local ingredients, food cooked with care, nice space, friendly service. Must try for dinner next time.
After lunch we took a leisurely drive through the pretty Adelaide Hills area (only about 25 minutes from the centre of Adelaide) and made a random pitstop at the Howard vineyard for a tasting. 
Worth a look if you are in the area - there were a couple of standouts. But don't ask me for their names as those we bought are long gone! However I snapped a pic of the bottle below so am thinking we must have liked it... booze, extreme heat, long drive = mutated memory. 
In the heart of Chinatown, and situated near the rear exit of the Adelaide markets is T-Chow. The  old-school Chinese joint serving very decent food was packed with plenty of discerning looking diners - a really interesting mix of local Chinese folk and semi-hipsters (and us) ! 
Delectably lardy spring onion pancakes 
dumplings with ginger in vinegar
Sweetly spiced E-Shan chicken /greens/Cumin lamb
Salt and Pepper Moreton Bay bugs
G's fond memories of past T-Chow meals were behind his choice of B'day luncheon venue and we were all pretty happy with his menu selection.... even the fried ice cream (yes, it was HIS b'day not mine!).

Afterwards we found it too hot to walk the streets so we took his mum back to watch a movie in our hotel room to stop us all from expiring. 

The next day we scratched the hire car and paid $1000 for the joy of it! 

A short, hot, expensive jaunt.
At least we had some decent food! (and got to spend some quality time with G's mum and brother of course...)

The End. 

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