Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quay June 2013

I was invited to lunch at Quay last week. 

Was I free to join my friend? 
If I'd had open heart surgery scheduled I would have moved it. 
Of course I was bloody free. 

It had been a year since my last meal at Quay - during a quick excursion back to Oz from Japan to visit family - so I was more than ready to experience Peter Gilmore's wonderful food again.

Here's a quick peek of a meal that was so delightful in every way.  I love that while the food remains consistently excellent there are subtle changes in the art of it all which means a meal at Quay always holds little surprises. 
Rosehip and radish to start proceedings
Red claw yabbies, Garlic scented custard, Yabby velvet 
Raw smoked Blackmore wagyu, Fresh Dory Roe, Horseradish juice soured cream, Milk skin
Roasted goose, Forbidden rice, Black miso, Hatsuka radish
Hapuka, Aniseed scented herbs, Creme fraiche, Japanese white turnips, Shaved Tasmanian squid, Stems, Leaves, Petals
Pasture raised veal, Bitter chocolate black pudding, Green walnuts, Slow cooked wallaby tail, Salsify, Smoked bone marrow, Chestnut mushrooms
Andalucia. Citrus and Almonds 
Truffles in a pumpkin with coffee. I can still taste the caramel and hazelnut. 

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