Sunday, May 4, 2014

Grains De Vanille

Um. If you are in Kyoto and appreciate a fine dessert....Go here.  That is all. 
WARNING: Sweet Porn ahead
I chose the milk chocolate, caramelised hazelnut and lemon dome below. It was heaven. One of the best desserts I've thrown down my gullet. And that is saying something. When I move my base back to Kyoto I will need to ensure I don't live anywhere near this shop. 
They do a decent cuppa too - variety of teas or coffee - made with as much care as the cakes and desserts. 
There are plenty of take out options that don't need to be kept refrigerated  - grab yourself a little basket and fill from the wall of friands, financiers, dacquoise, jams etc...
Yep, that's the name  - don't forget it.  Superb!!

On Ainomachi street just north of Nijo on the eastern side of the street.

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