Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Amore あもれ

If you are travelling with kids in Kyoto town ( or you live there and are stinging for a decent pizza) check out Amore  - an atmospheric Italian joint on lower Kiyamachi (between shijo and gojo dori on the eastern side of the street) . 

The very tasty pizza and salads are all I can vouch for but whilst I was munching my way through a few cheesey slices I noticed people tucking into tempting looking grilled meats, seafood and pasta  -  and there were certainly some wonderful aromas wafting our way. And they aren't scared of garlic! Yippee. 

The salad was extremely fresh, laced with a cracker of a dressing. 
And although I didn't partake  -the dessert menu looked authentic and I'd happily return to give it the once over!

Their drinks are well priced and my cocktail of yoghurt liqueur and ginger ale went down a treat - yep, you heard right.  Look I was intrigued... I just had to. Pleasantly surprised. So much so I drank another... don't judge me...

There's plenty of space upstairs for groups and out the back too so don't be afraid to enter if it looks full from the front. 

The only downside was an occasional scuttling cockroach but the warmer months will bring such critters.  It might have been a one off of course.

I'd happily return for a casual meal when feeling like a break from Japanese food. As a foreigner I still need to eat cheese occasionally. 

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