Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Sofuto Kuriimu

If you are in Kyoto this summer you'd be well advised to get yourself acquainted with the local/latest 'soft cream' flavours.   

Now of course vanilla is a no brainer - but top row, middle is Matcha - or powdered quality Japanese green tea and to its right is black sesame.  Both delicious choices in traditional Japanese sweet flavours.  Give them a shot while you are in town. 

Below are Kyarameru (caramel), ramune ( Japanese cider or soda pop) - very refreshing and finally - Miruku (Milk!) yes Milk ice cream is all the rage these days..... because ice cream doesn't normally have milk right???? ;)  Love it! anyway - it's all about the pure milk flavour.... In fact I want one now. And it's getting pretty chilly here! And, to be fair, some ice cream in Japan is made from soy milk - which is also really delicious! Try it!

This is a community service announcement.... no, really, it gets freakin' hot in Kyoto town from June to September but particularly July/August  - be warned. Take ice cream money!

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