Saturday, July 12, 2014

Blanc Pierre

One of my favourite little French spots in Kyoto town (and yes there are a few) is Blanc Pierre or as I keep calling it Pierre Blanc.  I must be dyslexic in French.

Housed in a clean, modern space it is a joy just to sit and breath in the cooking aromas. I like to perch myself at the counter with a glass of wine and watch the chef work, occasionally glancing towards their tiny garden through the glass back wall. 

I seem to have come over all Francophilian this week with what will amount to 3 French restaurant posts for Kyoto within a very short span . Needless to say I love the French-Japanese communion. 

And with Kyoto being sister city to Paris... well there are some pretty wonderful French eateries, boulangerie and patisserie to get stuck into .

I'll be brief, as I'm supposed to be working, and just give you a squiz at the kind of dishes you might expect in their lunch course  - for 3200y pp.  All very good. 

Above is a teensy Wagyu fritter amuse bouche
Chilled silken sweet potato soup with vanilla oil.  I could eat this every day.
Very well executed pork terrine with mustard (starter)
Seared Foie Gras on sauteed mushrooms (starter) 
The famous foie gras haambagu - foie gras encased in luscious, garlicky beef mince. 
Tender Duck from France with honey and  local vegetables
Chocolate gateaux with vanilla ice cream
Refreshing citrus ice cream, jelly and fruit

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