Thursday, July 10, 2014

La Famille Morinaga

A quick peek into the elegant La Famille Morinaga. 
Hard to find without using the little map on the website a a guide - but worth a look if you are west of Karasuma street.
How cool are the flying saucer plates above? 
As far as I can tell they were only used as decoration upon arrival.  
But cool all the same. 
I think.
mini gratin

The set course lunch is 4500 yen per head - ie about $50AUD.

The food was well executed and the flavours most pleasant if a little confused in parts. I wish I could remember exactly what we ate but to be honest we had so much going on that day that I didn't take notes and now it is gone... at least I have pics so you have an idea of what was on offer - perhaps a little vague - but an idea all the same.  
Seafood salad
I was pretty impressed by the ice dome over the soup.  I do remember that much. And the truffle.
Lamb is rarely seen on menus in Japan as it is not a well-loved protein in them there parts so this was a lovely surprise.  And Aussie as it happens.
This little apple tart with milk ice cream was rather excellent.

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