Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Cafe Bastille

If you are feeling a little Frenchy Frenchy around lunch time in Kyoto town you can find great, simple bistro fare at Cafe Bastille for a few dollars more than a sandwich in Sydney.  I was very impressed with their lunch of the day which included a wonderful chilled pumpkin soup (perfect on a very hot day!) and chicken grilled to perfection with Dijon, salad and chips on the side. All for 1300 yen which is around $15 AUD. If I'd wanted a cold drink (which may have included a small glass of vino -can't remember)  I could have added one on for 200 yen - just over $2 AUD. I was happy with ice cold water !
I'd seen this place a million times but never been in and only did so because the restaurant I was going to a few doors up the road  - the fabulous Comme Chez Michel was not open when I tapped on the door! AND  because I was so damn hot I thought I was going to expire.  I'm so pleased I walked through that door and can't wait to return to see what it is like for dinner!
and a little touch of Oz in the facilities....

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